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Danburite Crystal💎

Danburite Crystal💎

💎Danburite is a calming stone that centres you and assists you in speaking your mind without hurting others feelings. It enables you to speak your truth without retribution.
Danburite assists you in understanding that there is nothing demeaning about feeling compassion and love for yourself and others.

Do you sing, act, speak in public, dance or socialise, then Danburite is for you as it helps you overcome stage fright and gives you confidence thus enabling you to embrace these activities with enthusiasm and confidence.
This stone will clear unwanted emotions from the past, so that you can move into your future without the emotional baggage of the past.
Danburite encourages feelings of gratefulness, making it easier for you to receive help and offer it in return with no strings attached.
This stone lets you laugh at life even under the most difficult of circumstances.
Danburite is an excellent stone for those who need to release stress and worry. Danburite helps one release grief, fear, anxiety, resentment and anger.💎

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