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Fuchsite – Rough💎

Fuchsite – Rough💎

💎This stone is a naturally occurring combination of Fuchsite.
This stone helps you meditate on the beauty of the earth. It supports Earth healers in their work and others who wish to restore the earth back to the garden it was.

Fuchsite enhances your need to look after the planet and all its life forms. It supports oneness with all life.
Fuchsite prevents physical, mental and spiritual burnout. Encourages peace, joy and love. It boosts the immune system.

This stone unlocks the third eye chakra that has been closed due to psychic invasion.
This stone smooths the way for you to be able to achieve lasting relationships both personal and workplace. It has been known to increase telepathic and intuitive communication, bringing unconditional love and harmony into a relationship.💎

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Ruby In Fuchsite Massage Wand💎

Ruby In Fuchsite Massage Wand💎

💎Rubies are helpful for getting you fired up when you have a bla💎e attitude about life. If you have been lacking enthusiasm and generally feel bored, the energy from ruby will get your blood flowing.
It can help you feel more engaged in life and more loving toward your physical body and human existence.
Ruby intensifies the emotions and stokes passions. It can be used as a talisman to bring wealth, joy, love, sexual vigour and power.💎


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