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Hiddenite Crystal💎

Hiddenite Crystal💎

💎Hiddenite assists with healing on all levels. This stone boosts the power of healing herbs and essential oils. It balances the hemispheres of the brain.

Hiddenite enhances balance between your mind and your emotions. It helps you release feelings that have a strong emotional charge, thereby reducing overreaction to life situations. This stone improves self-love and allows nurturing from others.
It assists with diplomacy and emotional control in both business and personal pursuits. Hiddenite stimulates the heart and emotional body and encourages the experience of joy and bliss. It can be used to counter anxiety, stress and fear around finances, wealth or your sense of self-worth.

Use this stone to shift your entrepreneurial skills to a determined drive to succeed. Hiddenite helps you attain all of which you are capable. It is a stone of great wealth and material success.💎

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