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Purpurite On Matrix💎

Purpurite On Matrix💎

💎Purpurite opens the higher crown chakra and linking it to the base chakra, it stimulates unimpeded evolution and grounding, the resulting energy shift moves you into functioning reality.
It can activate the crown chakra, opening you to experiences of consciousness within the higher spiritual realms. Purpurite emanates an energy of psychic protection, cleansing your auric field and keeping it free of negative entities and attachments.

Purpurite is a stone of initiation. Working with it in meditation, you can make a conscious connection with your spirit guides and hear their advice more clearly. In the sleep state, Purpurite’s presence near the body supports the separation of the astral body from the physical, and it allows you to remain conscious during and after this process. In the dreams that follow, you may move into a space in which you are aware of your angelic guides.💎


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