Druzy Agate Double Dolphin Carving (472g 14x14cm)💎

Druzy Agate Double Dolphin Carving (472g 14x14cm)💎


💎Agate is a wonderful stone to help you achieve balance and stability in many areas of your life. Agate carries a subtle energy and works behind the scenes, working on the problem instead of working on the symptom. Agate helps clear clarity issues and help where stability is concerned. Agate helps balance all the chakras by turning negative energy into love.💎

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Agate is a very fine grained form of Quartz. It grows within volcanic lava bubbles known as geodes . Diamond saws are used to slice the Agate it is then ground to remove any imperfections then polished and dyed to enhance and display the beautiful natural banding within. Most Agate comes from Brazil.

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Item Code: 7800 66 92

Size: 14cm Wide x 14cm High

Weight: 0.472KG

Stone type:AgateType:Animals

Additional information

Weight 472 g
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 cm